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Why would a Californian go to college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? One good reason is Marquette University’s ABET accredited biomedical engineering program, which combines a Jesuit core of common studies with a hands-on, multidisciplinary, biomedical engineering program. And by the way, they also have a brand new engineering building.

The Jesuit Model

Jesuit universities encourage inquiry, ethics, service to others, spirituality, and global awareness. One way that Marquette University  promotes these goals is by requiring students to take a broad range of courses outside their major. Although engineering students’ course selections are more limited due to the college of engineering major’s extensive requirements, the courses they do take can help them think critically, work with people from around the world, and communicate effectively.

Hands-On experience

Marquette University’s engineering students may apply  to the Co-operative Education Program at the end of their sophomore year. If admitted they will alternate semesters of classes with semesters working for private companies. This adds a year to their program, but there is no added tuition for the semester during which they are working. In addition to gaining  experience and training, students make money ( Approximately $2,500-$3,500 a month)during their coop experience.
Students in the bioengineering program may also apply for an internship at the Les Aspin Center in Washington DC, where they can learn about biomedical research and regulation by interning at the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Science and Technology in Rockville, Md. Seventy-five percent of student s in the biomedical engineering program end up taking part in the co-op or internship program. In their senior year, bioengineering  students use the things they have learned  designing, building  and testing a prototype design as their capstone project.

If you think this program sounds interesting, take a little time to check out the Marquette University website.

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