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Western Undergraduate Exchange

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a great option for many students.  However, it is critical that  parents and students become well informed about both the benefits and drawbacks of the WUE scholarship program.  In an effort to assist you in evaluating the Western Undergraduate Exchange option,  I have put together a few questions based upon my experiences with WUE.

Please note that some of the WUE universities offer a variety of scholarships for out-of-state students. You can also use these questions to evaluate whether or not the alternate scholarships could be a good fit for your student.
Prior to getting started take some time to familiarize yourself with the overall program and the colleges that participate:

            Questions to Ask Regarding WUE Scholarships

  • What is the cost of attendance for a WUE student at your university?
  • Do you offer other scholarships to out-of-state students either in addition to, or in place of WUE scholarships?
  • Historically how much does the cost of attendance (COA) go up each year?
  • Do you offer a four years tuition guarantee for WUE students?
  • What types of grades and test scores do students need at your university to be considered for a WUE scholarship?
  • Do you have a limited number of WUE scholarships?
  • If the student applies early do they have a better chance of receiving a WUE scholarship?
  • Is there a place that I can find a detailed outline of your WUE policies?
  • What are your criteria for selection? GPA?  ACT?  SAT? Rigor of curriculum?  Leadership? Activities?
  • If GPA is a critical component of your selection process ,which GPA do you use?  Comprehensive un-weighted GPA? Comprehensive weighted GPA? Academic GPA grades 9-12? Academic GPA 10-12?
  • Are the criteria cut and dry, or do you assess a variety of factors when determining the award?
  • Do you offer different levels of awards? If so, what are they?
  • Are all majors included?  If not, which ones are excluded?
  • Are WUE scholarships renewable each year?
  • How many semesters can a student receive the WUE Scholarship?
  • Are there specific semesters that it is offered? If so, which ones are they? Winter?  Summer?
  • Can a student receive the WUE scholarship while they are abroad?
  • Are there certain off campus programs/semesters that are not included in the WUE program?
  • Is there a limit to the number of credits the student can take under the WUE scholarship?
  • Are honors programs included under WUE?
  • What must the student do to maintain the WUE scholarship? Examples- Attend the college continuously? Maintain a certain GPA?
  • In the case of pre-nursing, or other similar majors, are the WUE students judged by the same criteria as their in-state classmates?


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